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Adopt-a-tree-pit and get your street buzzing

Live near a street tree? Why not adopt it and plant wildflowers at its base?

It’s that time of year when residents can adopt tree pits to stop them being sprayed with chemicals and grow wildflowers instead. This can help bees and other creatures when they’re moving about – especially in places where lots of gardens have been concreted. Adoptions are now an annual process – so even if you’re an old hand, you need to re-apply. Some lucky applicants will even get a free packet of seed - Redbridge Council has 400 to give away with adoptions, each sufficient for 2-3 tree pits, so why not adopt a couple this year? The deadline to apply is 31 December 2020. Just fill out a quick electronic form, and the council will be in touch to provide a label for your tree. Nearly 600 trees pits were adopted in Wanstead and Aldersbrook in 2020! Be great to make it even more next year.

Find out more and apply here.

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