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Agents of change

The Stow Brothers don’t’ just help people seeking greener pastures – they’ve gone greener themselves! In a guest blog post, CLEANER GREENER WANSTEAD's sponsors share the steps they’ve taken to be… well…. cleaner and greener

At Stow Brothers, we’d like to think that having an eco-friendly business practice reflects our values as a modern business, so were more than happy to get involved with the CLEANER GREENER WANSTEAD initiative!

Two years ago when we opened the Wanstead branch we were really keen to echo the fact that we are directly opposite the leafy Green. So right from the start we’ve been lucky to be surrounded by our interior hanging green wall of ivy and ferns, succulents, and other air-purifying plants.

There is a communal bike available in the office for cycling to appointments, and walking is encouraged over driving wherever possible. We have a kitchen and patio area to inspire staff to bring in their own lunches in order to cut down on plastics.

We aim to be a paper-free office, and use recycled paper stock wherever possible. Our company giveaways are organic cotton bags and our moving in present is a potted Monstera plant. Last year we changed to a renewable energy supplier, and we limit our air-conditioning by simply leaving the door open!

We still have much room for improvement, changing our bulbs to LEDs is one that certainly needs addressing, along with reducing our plastics further – in fact we’ve just purchased a water filter to avoid buying water bottles this summer.

It’s clear we all need to play a part in encouraging each other to make greener choices, and an engaged work environment is a great place to start. Small steps leading to bigger strides!

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