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Ask Redbridge to extend the Wild Wanstead Grow Zones

A new YouGov poll has found that 70% of the public want to see nature enhanced, primarily by increasing the number of birds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife. If you agree, please help us by asking Redbridge Council to extend the Grow Zones project next year.

Wild Wanstead has been working with the council to let grassy areas on the edges of parks and on road verges to grow long over summer to help improve biodiversity (Grow Zones). The idea is to mow them once a year and remove the cuttings – which over time will help wildflowers establish. Letting grass grow long is loads better for wildlife than mowing it regularly.

Please email the Councillors below to ask them to extend the project. There are lots of additional sites that could be considered in Wanstead, but we need to tell the council that this is what residents want. You’d just need to send a quick email stating something like:

Dear Councillors, I love the Grow Zones project Redbridge is undertaking with Wild Wanstead. We need more wild areas in our parks and on road verges to help nature thrive on our doorsteps. Please will you to extend the Grow Zones project next year and do more to improve biodiversity in the built up parts of Wanstead.

Maybe confirm what road you live in so that they can see you’re a local. You need to send your message to:








Feel free to cc in Wild Wanstead: wildwanstead@yahoo.com

Many thanks for your help! Together we can make change happen!

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