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Save £££s this year on your daily takeout coffee

Just ditch the throwaway cup and switch to a reusable one instead, and our lovely Wanstead cafés will give you a discount on takeout drinks – which quickly adds up.

Throwaway cups might look like they’re paper, but in fact they are usually plastic-lined which makes them very difficult to recycle. Us Brits get through a monumental 2.5 BILLION of them every year, most of which end up in landfill or incinerators. It’s just more pointless carbon and more pointless waste. Here’s the discount you can get on a takeout coffee if you have it in your own reusable cup:

Bear Brew: 20p (30p if you use one of the reusable cups BB sells)

Costa: 25p

Gail’s: 20p

Greggs: 20p

La Bakerie: 20p

More Italy: 40p

The Larder: 20p

So if you have a couple of takeouts per week, you’ll save yourself £20 or more over the year, and if you’re a professional coffee drinker the saving could stack up to more than £100 annually. Our independent cafes are fantastic, encouraging us all to be a bit more sustainable. If you’re out in town, look out for Pret a Manger, where not only is the coffee organic (extra points for not destroying insect life) but you get a gigantic 50p off your drink.

Discounts above as at Jan 2020.

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