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Thames Water joins Wild Wanstead project with giant Grow Zones at local pumping station

Thames Water has established two huge Grow Zones covering over 3,400m sq. at the pumping station by Redbridge Roundabout. The areas will be left to flower and set seed throughout the summer months to create a meadow habitat supporting our declining pollinator and wildflower species. In early autumn, the Grow Zones will be mowed and the cuttings removed to help deplete nutrients from the soil, which helps wildflowers establish.

For the last couple of years, Wild Wanstead, Redbridge Council and Vision RCL have been collaborating to try to create a network of Grow Zones – park and road verge sites in urban Wanstead where the grass is left to grow long over summer to naturalise with wildflowers. Meadows can support eight times more biodiversity than regularly mown grass.

Wild Wanstead has also been working with a number of other local organisations to extend the mosaic of wild habitats across the area. Most of these plans have been put on hold for now because of the coronavirus lockdown, so its fantastic that Thames Water has been able to get their Grow Zones up and running. Hopefully we’ll be able to share some photos from the site as it develops this summer

Find out more about the Grow Zones project at: https://www.wildwanstead.org/grow-zones

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