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Time to hit the bottle?

Updated: May 29, 2019

Did you know, glass milk bottles can be cleaned and refilled over 20 times? It’s such a simple way to reduce waste!

We’re lucky to have a dairy on our doorstep helping make Wanstead cleaner and greener.

For 29 years, Parker Dairies has been providing the community, schools and workplaces with milk and other local produce. But in the last 18 months, bottled milk has seen a renaissance as the UK wakes up to the enormous problem of plastic pollution and the inability of current recycling services to deal with the vast volumes of waste we’re producing. The independent dairy has seen a significant increase in both new and old customers looking to reduce their plastic consumption by making the switch to milk in glass bottles.

Parker Dairies delivers milk to customers in Wanstead and all over the East End of London up to six times a week using an electric vehicle where possible. Bottled milk isn't the only green product on offer. The company is working to provide other foods with as little plastic as possible, including handmade sourdough in paper packaging, local honey in glass jars and potatoes in paper sacks. They also partner with local suppliers such as Bee17 (for honey), Curved Brick Coffee, and two East London bakeries - Today Bread and Shepherds.

Find out more at parkerdairies.co.uk

Listen to a podcast on the place of the milkman in British communities and the revival of bottled milk.

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